Sunday, June 25, 2006

Watching GA on Your Computer

How to do this? Go to the UUA Website, click on "Live webcast events." That will take you to a list. Pick what you'd like to watch, and select your media player (Windows Media Player comes with Windows, so you're likely to have it. Real Player can be downloaded for free. But if you have never done this before, start with the Windows Media file, and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How was the transfer on your computer? I found that all the streams I tried to watch - live or stored - suffered from long buffering pauses, which made watching them very difficult. And, obviously, made recording them for later watching impossible.

A victim of its own popularity? A nice problem to have.

Christine Robinson said...

There were places where it was kind of choppy, but that's what knitting is for!

Not as irritating as the fact that if Peter Stienke ever got around to talking about Stewardship, my patience ran out first.

Anonymous said...
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