Friday, July 21, 2006

Critter Updates

Here's a picture of our new family member. Those of your who followed Sabbatical Blogging will know that our beloved pet iguana died in May. A few weeks back, I traveled to Las Cruces to adopt a stray. We've named him Ninja because of his extraordinary atheletic abilities. He climbs everything; blinds, screens, wall hangings; anything to get to the "top". Although he's about three feet long, he's still pretty light and can get away with this behavior, but we're hoping he settles down before he puts on his next pound. A couple of days back he managed to topple a lamp, and it must have landed on him, because he played dead for a while, scaring us into realizing how fond we've gotten of him already. Presently, however, he revived and has been slowly going about his iggy business, acting sore but ok. Phew!

The one-legged Robin, (who is not only one legged but whose red breast has ...faded? aged? to gray and black speckles) we've decided, has a mate who is almost always in sight but not with her (?) disabled friend. It's taken us a while to put the two of them together, but we're sure now. I'm glad for (him?). It's no doubt hard to be a disabled Robin, and all of us need our friends.

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