Friday, October 06, 2006


And yes, I'm against official torture even when there's a bomb about to go off. Because it itsn't likely to work. Becasue you might be wrong that the human being you are torturing knows what you think he knows. And because it's wrong. (But if a frantic policeman lost his head in a frantic search for information to keep a bomb from going off, I'd probably pardon him. So far, it appears that none of the torture in which we've indulged ourselves has come anywhere close to finding a smoking bomb. )

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Turtle Mountain said...

I grew up in Pennsylvania. The Amish, quite rightly, were held in awe. Not far behind were the Quakers. (Notice that Pennsylvania is one of several in the Union which call themselves a "commonwealth", not a state.) Yours was a very moving post, Christine.