Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yesterday and Tomorrow

The American people, born in opposition to absolute power used foolishly, repudiated absolute power used foolishly, in yesterday's election. We're back to a balance of power between the various branches of government, within governing chambers and even within the executive branch, as Republicans make more moderate demands on their president. Our nation has learned in the most embarrassing ways lately that absolute power has a corrupting effect and a detrimental effect on intelligent government. I'm glad that era is over.

Once the majority in the House was established, the world quit paying attention to little New Mexico, which has a hotly contested (less than 1,000 vote margin) race which now, they way, won't be decided for days. But I'm content either way. Our current Rebublican, Heather Wilson, is one of the better Republicans around; honest, helpful, and an independent thinker, something she stressed in her campaign. If she stays in Congress it will be ok.

And I was heartened that the voters of South Dakota, in the privacy of the voting booth, showed that they do understand something of the horror of unwanted pregnancy and moderated their leaders' absolute ban on abortion.

As for those who fought hard against bans on same gender marriage and lost, I salute your work as a foundation laid for the end game of a battle for LGBT rights which is being won in the smoky corners of people's hearts and minds. It takes a long time for the smoke to clear, but clear it finally does.

In my opinion, our nation and our world got a reprieve from unmitigated poor governance. We have an opportunity now to re-direct the nation's energy towards preventing the end of civil life on the planet. The hard work has just begun.


Turtle Mountain said...

"Our current Rebublican, Heather Wilson, is one of the better Republicans around; honest, helpful, and an independent thinker, something she stressed in her campaign."

I consider this far too generous. The responsibility of Donald Rumsfeld was to fight a war as best he knew how and report to the President. He did that. The responsibility of Congresswoman Wilson was quite different - it was to keep her constituency honestly informed and aware of the state of the war, its dangers, and its impact upon them. She did not do this. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, she learned very early that the intelligence from the intelligence community was faulty and manipulated. She preferred to avoid informing her constituents of the disastrous situation this created for them and for the nation. It was not until three months before the election that she sought to separate herself from solid, unflinching support of the foreign policy, the defense policy, the civil rights policies and the secrecy and misinformation policies of Mssrs. Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. I do not believe there are good people and bad people. I am a UU. But I do believe in responsibility and the lack of it.

"If she stays in Congress it will be ok. "

Fortunately, should she stay, I suspect her currency with the new leadership will be negligable.

mjae said...

I agree that Wilson may do alright. She's intelligent, at least, and with Democrats in power, perhaps she can't do too much damage. She is a warmongerer, but the tide has turned.

I wanted to drop this line and say thank you for posting. I love this avenue to your continued wisdom. If you want to check out a constituent's (what are we called again?) blog, I have these:
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I also wanted to repeat my request for links or list of names to some poems that you love or find inspiration from.