Sunday, March 04, 2007

Poor Spam

Once upon a time, Spam was a sort of canned meat of uncertain origin, the sort of thing that some people tucked in the cupboard for emergencies or took camping.

There's still a website for the salty stuff, but they have lost their name to the forces of unbridaled capitalism and out and out evil.

As I posted a eulogy on our church's Eulogy Blog, I realized that it's the first post to any of my blogs in days and days. One reason for this is that all of my blogging energy is going to closing down comments in the church blogs (post by post...big sigh) becasue they have attracted so much Spam, and all too much of that is, let's just say, not on topics one wants on one's church website.

No comments....kinda takes the fun out of blogging. Poor Spam (the meat product) Poor Me.

Blogger does have good anti-Spam tools, which I've now turned on, so I have no excuse not to attend to this blog more frequently. I'd love your comments!


ms. kitty said...

I'm looking forward to reading more frequent posts to your blog, Christine. I'm always disappointed when nothing new appears for days.

The virtual church stuff is beyond me, I guess, so I tend to skip those posts. Yet it clearly speaks to other readers.

I like your posts best when they deal with "ministry and life" issues.

I'm late commenting on this post because I saw it was about spam, so I skipped it until today. But when I read far enough to see that you were inviting comments openly, I felt I would like to give you some encouragement to keep posting!

Christine Robinson said...

Why, Thank you, Ms. Kitty!
And thanks to Blogger for developing good Splog blocking tools!

kim said...

Wouldn't it be nice if someone came up with a way to really prevent spam? It can be really irritating.
If no one ever bought anything from spammers, maybe they would go away?