Sunday, July 08, 2007

Book of the Month

One draw of Ghost Ranch this week was J. Philip Newell, the chaplain of the month, whose little daily prayer book I've used for about five years. Now after a week of listening to him read from his adaptations of scripture, the Celtic Treasure, I'm planning to switch to this book for a while. Such lovely passages; Here's a piece from Genesis, about the seventh day of creation.

On the seventh day there was silence in heaven.
The mighty wind of life was still.
The sea was calm.
The morning stars glistened.
The Earth slept.
The work was finished.
Creation had been born.
And the Mother of all things rested.

The book includes scripture passages and prayers.

There's a link to this book at in the right column.

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mjae said...

Always looking for a good daily prayer book! Which is the one you've used for years?

Is it Every Day, Every Night?

I'm thinking that October will start a serious quest for a spiritual daily ritual for me, so if you have ideas for books I can stock up on...