Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How to Find Your Daemon-a meditation

A reader asks exactly how we did this, so here is the script for the guided meditation.

Now, we are going to go on a journey of our imagination, to meet our daemon, or our animal guide…an animal who is just right for our personality. This might be an animal who is a lot like us…shy if we are shy, for instance, or a good runner if we are a good runner…but this animal might have a quality that we don’t have…slow and patient, if we are hyper and impatient, for instance, or smart if we struggle at school. You never can tell with daemons…and you can’t make up your mind in advance. If you go to the right place in your imagination, your daemon will find you. It may be a surprise.

So I want you to wiggle one last wiggle and get yourself comfortable. (big breath…sigh loud, medium, soft) Keep breathing. notice how your breath feels as it goes in and out of your chest, your tummy, your nose. Just breathe. Now, in your imagination, picture yourself taking a walk on a road or a path. Notice what is around you…trees? sky? mountains? And notice what you are walking on. Grass? dirt? pavement? ice? Keep walking. Is the wind blowing? Are you hot? cold? As you walk, you are hoping that the daemon you are about to meet will be just right for you.

Up ahead you see a shelter of some sort. A little house, perhaps…it has a door, and you know that behind that door your daemon is waiting for you. You walk up to the door and stop and take a deep breath…and you open the door.

Your daemon may be right there. If so, say hello and make friends with it. If you don’t see anything, look around the room and wait…see if something comes. Or perhaps you overlooked a very small animal. You were looking for an animal, but some people have invisible daemons, or daemons who are more like people…even objects sometimes.

If you have identified your deamon and made friends with it, tell it, thank it for showing itself to you. Promise that you will come back and visit in your imagination, and ask it for help in your life.

Now, it is time to return. Remembering that you can always come back to this place in your imagination, say goodbye to your daemon, go outside, and start walking back down the road.

When you are ready, come on back and open your eyes….

Now I invite you to turn to the person next to you, or perhaps two of you, and tell them what you found on your imaginary trip.

And now Daylene is going to bring the microphone around so we can hear a variety of daemon stories. If you’d like to tell everyone about your daemon, think up one sentence….

The Daemons discovered ranged from family pets to dragons and Shrek.

I have to say that the intergenerational ongregation was dead silent through this entire guided mediation, which is not something I can say many Sundays!

At Goldencompassmovie.com, there is a widget which will assign you a daemon after a short personality inventory.


Berrysmom said...

Thanks,Christine. This might work for the Children's Moment for my service.

I found the "short personality inventory" at the Golden Compass web site to be suspiciously similar to the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory, though my daemon turned out to be something quite unexpected.

mjae said...

I wanted to add another interpretation for dust, which was likened to spirituality at our service.

I thought another compelling facet of dust as described by Philip Pullman to be akin to humanism, actually -- that all things touched by consciousness (human and other species, in parallel universes) gained an added value and became surrounded in dust. This could easily be substituted for "spirit" in the contribution of these books to UU thinking.

Either way, very cool, very useful as a visioning tool.

Christine said...

Using your "meditation" I was able to find my Daemon. His name is Zorawakie(Zor-a-wa-key)but I call him Zor and he is a Pine Marten.

Jen said...

Hi! My name is Jen and my Daemon is Kytalaimon(Ky for short) and he has settled as an American Pine Marten. Thanks so much for helping us "meet". I love my Ky *hugs her furry companion* It is so cool how your meditation works. Well bye!

~Jen and Kytalaimon

Anonymous said...

My name is Ami and usibg your meditation I found Ranai, a solid black scarred maned wolf. She represents me and what I hide. Outside I am kind and caring, always following the rules. Ranai shows my inner animal and my rebelious side. I am currently writing a book about her called Curses and she helps me imagine the story.
Thank You for helping us meet
Ami and Ranai

Anonymous said...

Hi. Using your technique I managed to find my daemon Keeshia. He is a Ferret and I love him so much!! Thank you!

Shaina said...

Thank you very much for this technique. I always try to be conscious of my daemon's presence, and I talk to him every day. He is a Sumatran tiger--the smallest of the tigers with a bit of a white mane. His name is Sumantra, which means "good advice" in Sanskrit, and it took me a while to realize how close "Sumantra" was to "Sumatran." I hadn't thought of it.

Anonymous said...

I've found that I don't have to meditate to find my daemon. We are constantly talking (or arguing). If I try I can picture him. But he changes to fit the mood or need of that moment. We've read the books and he insists that his name should be Pantalaimon, but I'm going to bring it up for further debate as soon as I find out how far copyright laws go. Lol. I love him with all my heart.

Jessicah and Pantalaimon (apparently?)

Anonymous said...

i just did this for the first time! i just found out about daemon today, and love the idea. i think he was a ring-tailed lemur! not at all what i was expecting, but i love it :D

Anonymous said...

I used this and found my daemon. He is a white puma with black paws and tail tip. Howver, he refused to tell me his name, even though he agreed to be my friend. How do I find out his name? I do love him.

Anonymous said...

I used this meditation method and found my daemon. he is a snowy owl. it took a while for him to settle and ages to find his name and one day i was reading a book and then he told me his name was Titus (a character in the book) i love him!!!!
Amy and Titus

Anonymous said...

well... this "meditaion" is interesting, but the way i see my daemon is very different , u dont have to meditate to see your daemon, or even talk to then, it might be a little fun, but its not the only way, "The Daemon Page" can explain better than i can, look it up on google :) u might find it better, or u might just wanna stick to meditating.

Anonymous said...

After reading this, I literally had a dream a week or so later introducing me to my daemon. His name is Rarra, and he is a red-ruffed lemur. I love him with all my heart, I have never felt so connected! Thanks again!!

Ally and Rarra

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been felling very lonely lately and need someone to talk to, even if just in my mind. A daemon would be perfect. However, i just can't find him! I took a quiz about a year ago and it said my daemon was a bengal tiger, just he just don't seem like me!! I have also tried this method but the tiger keeps getting in the way!! What should I do!?

Anna said...

I really don't see the point in "meditating" to find your daemon. I'm not trying to crush you or be mini-mod, but you can't actually see your daemon through meditation, unlike the triology suggests. You have to remember, most of that is imagination, not reality. Except for daemons. I didn't find my Aurelio by mediatating. I found him deep within myself, but my visualizing and talking to him. I believe that many of you who say that you can now 'see your daemon' in the physical sense, are, well, lying.

It is an interesting concept, and i just thought I'd post my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was meditating and I found two daemons! They insisted I named them Shaeku and Hauype, so I did, and they loved it. Shaeku has settled as a crow, and Hauype hasn't yet, but said he is settled as a cougar.

~Shaeku, Hauype, and Montana