Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live-blogging NM-Mix

I'm at this conference on New Mexico new media conference. I'll soon be on a panel about building virtual communities, from which I expect to learn far more than I contribute. The keynote speaker is making the point that video games give a platform that teaches the skills of dealing with a complex world. Today's kids don't just go to theme parks, they manage them in their gaming world. This fellow is working with news organizations to quickly develop games that would teach people about the complexities of World Events. I can see it now... Mid-East Tycoon. Sim Global Warming. Very interesting...

I hope to have an opportunity to insert the idea that we need games for moral and religious education. We'll see.
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Anonymous said...

Actually, Sim City gave me a graphic understanding of power plants and the assets and drawbacks of different types. It shows how coal pollutes, wind takes up a huge surface area, and solar is inconsistent. It seems to support the conclusion I've come to myself, little as I like to admit it, which is that in order to support massive populations, nuclear power is the way to go. They don't need a new version for Sim Global Warming, at least not as far as the power grid goes. They need innovative sources of power to plug in to Sim City!