Friday, March 06, 2009

The Aftermath of Imagineering

It surely is great fun to have a big article in the UU World! (Imagineering Soul, in this month's issue) I've had emails and letters from members of my internship church, my first church, people at whose weddings I officiated, former members of this church, seminary buddies and even someone who thought he remembered me from Methodist Youth Group. (mistakenly...iMinister grew up UU and was way too shy for youth groups of any kind.)

Also a bunch of emails and even a phone call from people who liked the article and felt we were kindred spirits. Also, it goes without saying, a couple of people who hated it and needed me to know. One even went so far as to express the opinion that the real reason that the denomination is declining is that there are too many women ministers and women ministers just don't think or preach powerfully. It's been a long time since I heard that sort of thing. A professor from and Episcopalian seminary wrote to ask permission to reprint it for her students, someone wrote to remind me of another author's ideas about faith and shame, and her own, and someone sent me excepts from his book which he felt were relevant.

Great Fun!


Anonymous said...

I think the creative idea guys that were behind the design of Disneyland and Disney World were called imagineers. Saw an exhibit in a Montreal museum 6-8 years ago on the process of creating the Disney park product. So. . . maybe your a imagineer in the Disneyland of the Spirit. For better or worse I guess.

Frank Darpli

CfM Molly said...

I absolutely LOVED your article (I'm online tonight looking it up to send the link to my book club). I am new to UUism. I just started regularly attending a fellowship within the last two years. Though in a way I've been UU without knowing it since graduate school (social work--the code of ethics for SW is practically the UU Principles word for word). Your article put into words a lot of the feelings and observations I've had, but have had trouble articulating. It was a very powerful article.

Anyway, I plan to blog some more about it later, but I happened to find this post while I was searching for the article link to send and felt like I needed to comment now.

Best wishes,


Amy said...

I was in the congregation during your Berry Street address; I won't say audience, because you preached to my soul. I have meant to tell you ever since how deeply your words have lodged in my heart, and I was so pleased to see them printed in the UU World for all to benefit from. I think my congregation is benefitting as well, since my worship-leading is improving as I aspire to greater imagineering. Thank you!