Thursday, June 25, 2009

GA: Voting for's why.

After I get through the "lost credentials" routine. This is the first time in 30 years I've left my credentials at home...sheesh...

Let me start by saying that I think the world of Laurel Hallman and will not despair if she is elected president. But I'm casting my vote for Peter Morales. Here's why.

First of all, It is obvious to anyone who sees both candidates that Peter has more energy and enthusiasm for this very difficult job. Both candidates have great qualifications. But it is a REALLY hard job, and doing it well takes passion. Peter's got the passion.

Secondly, as the minister in a city which is 1/3 Hispanic and a church which has several dozen Hispanic members, living in a time when the demographic shift of our nation is towards a much, much larger percentage of Hispanic citizens, I value Peter's bi-lingual heritage and skills.

Thirdly, I value Peter's business experience. We who have been in church work all of our lives get lots of experiences, but we often miss the experiences that a career in business presents. I think our denominational president needs to be a minister for lots of reasons, but I value Peter's business experience and skills he brings from earlier in his life, just as I thought that this was an important part of Bill Sinkford's presidency.

Most of all, I love the way Peter talks about our future, about breaking up the same old same old ways we have doing things and not succeeding all my life. Our movement has everything going for it to meet the spiritual needs of our time and the near future, but our internal culture puts glass doors between us and the people we want to serve. I think it is more likely that under Peter's leadership, we can open those doors.


Robin Edgar said...

Sometimes the "doors" that U*Us keep firmly closed, or rudely slam shut after partially opening them, aren't even "glass doors". I would hope that *both* presidential candidates are ready, willing, and able to open doors that have been shut for years and even decades. They might want to consider opening their "doors of perception" while they are at it.

Diggitt said...

Oh, yay! I noticed that you signed his ad in the UU World. Your points are solid, I think; although I would, wouldn't I? Coming at age 60+ into divinity school I would be more sympathetic to one whose life is lived outside ministry.

But, no. That's not it. I agree with you about Hallman. But we will be a different denomination if she wins. She has spent her life within the establishment and while that means she is supported by people we all respect, Morales opens the door to true diversity much wider than any other possible candidate.

I was a toddler when my parents carried me into my home church for Paul Carnes's ordination, and I've been a UU in several U.S. cities, Canada, and London. There are different flavors within the denomination, and Morales represents the growing edge.

Hallman does not. It's that simple. I don't believe she really gets that edge and I don't believe she can speak to it, or work with it, effectively.

Berrysmom said...

This is moot now (at least in terms of why we might vote for someone), but I just want to say that while I am feeling slightly nervous about Peter's "new broom" presidency (I supported Laurel), I have also learned from you, Christine, about being flexible and open to change and new learning. That was very evident in your congregation's workshop on being a Breakthrough Congregation. So I will keep my heart and my eyes and ears open to Peter's presidency and try to remember that Revelation is not sealed and all possibilities are open.