Thursday, September 10, 2009

South Carolina

My old home state of South Carolina is certainly having its problems lately. First it's govenor disappears for a while to have an affaire, and now its Republican senator heckles the president in the most formal of settings. South Carolina is a beautiful state with a rich culture and a reputation for being backwards, and this certainly doesn't help matters. I enjoyed living there enough to be embarassed for them. Wilson appologized (at the request of his party, he made it clear.) President Obama accepted. Obama is a grownup. People who heckle a president in the senate chambers show themselves to be undisciplined hicks.


Wilson Wonders said...

Boy do I feel your pain. I feel myself wanting to apologize for the the great state of Ohio a lot lately.

Emma said...

I know your pain. I live in Florida, lately we feel embarrassed to be from here most of the time.