Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Favorite Posts

Some of my blogging colleagues are making New Year's Lists of their favorite posts, not only for nostalgia's sake, but so that people can vote in the UU Blogger Awards. (if you want to participate, go here)

My favorite post on this blog is an early one, stemming from the first comment that was left on it, "Singed by God"

My favorite comment on current affairs is The Calming Effect of Religious Tolerance

I think that my most valuable contribution to the UU world was with three posts on "Freedom of the Pulpit" and how that concept applies to the common ministerial request to have a right of first refusal on non-member weddings. That series starts here.

My biggest blogging suprise was discovering the interest people have taken in my improvisations around the book of Psalms,
which gets a dozen or so hits a day, mostly from people Googling for a modern version of a particular Psalm. My hit map for that blog is impressively international.

And for me, the greatest kick of Blogging was making new friends and hearing from old ones.

Happy New Year to you all!


Earthbound Spirit said...

I recently discovered your blog - and appreciate your pointing out some particularly good posts. Someone else already pointed me toward your psalm-work. As a seminarian, I enjoyed your series on the freedom of the pulpit! Thanks!

Christine Robinson said...

Most welcome!