Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kleenex Ministry

If you have not seen the new Kleenex commercial, grab your box of tissues, and have a look, here .

Are you back, all watery eyed? I am too.

Why so touching? Because, tissues aside, we're hard-wired, we humans, for community, for relationship, for love. And in the end there is nothing that heals the hurts of life or helps us to truly feel our celebrations as effectively as being in a relationship in which we feel heard.

All that guy did was invite people to sit on his couch, listen to them, and show, by his facial expressions, that he cared, that he sympathized, that he heard.

(of course, he probably sat their all day before the camera people felt they had enough perfect shots of grief and joy, relief, and celebration, not to mention the whosk of kleenex being pulled from boxes to make the the 62 second film, but that's movies.)

Real life is only a little broader. It takes a little longer, sometimes, there are real skills involved in helping people remember and share what they need to share, but in the end, we all recognized the expressions on those people's faces because they've been on our faces, and we've seen them around us.

So here's a thank you to all who listen, for a profession or in a family, all day long, or once to a stranger in the seat beside you.

And here's another thank you to all who care about churches, which are our society's major institution devoted to community, listening, and caring.

Now, go blow your nose.

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Will Shetterly said...

Looks like it was inspired by Free Hugs.

michelle meaders said...

What city do you think the American version was shot in? I noticed that the UK version had much more racial diversity, but you couldn't hear anyone's conversation, so you didn't know what accent they had. All the Americans spoke standard English with no accent, I think.