Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daily Prayer Books

mjae left a comment below asking about daily prayer books. The one I've used for years is to the right: Sounds of the Eternal by Phillip Newell. It's a non-Christian, Celtic Spirituality-based book, meant for interfaith worship. Phillip Newell is from Scotland, but spends a couple of months in residence at Casa del Sol at Ghost Ranch here in New Mexico, and after spending some time with him last Summer, I started working through Celtic Blessings..also to the right. It has daily Bible readings...beautifully rendered, about 6 weeks worth. I'm enjoying it as a structure to my morning time.

I'd love to hear more (see comments!) from readers about any daily prayer/meditation/reading they use!


Obijuan said...

I began using Aaron Zerah's The Soul's Almanac earlier this year (a truly broad reach of interfaith materials), in combination with a daily random selection from Daniel Ladinsky's superb Love Poems from God.

Chutney said...

I use three different paraphrases of the Tao te Ching. One is by Stephen Mitchell, and the other two are by William Martin---The Art of Pastoring, and A Path and a Practice.

Judy said...

I like John Morgan's book Awakening the Soul: A Book of Daily Devotions. John is a UU colleague with strong roots in Univeralism. The book has three parts for every day: a statement about an issue, a question (useful for journaling) and a brief prayer.

I like to start my day with it.