Monday, December 17, 2007

The Golden Compass: The Movie

Yep, they took liberties with the story and played down the anti-religion theme, and gad, was it loud! But if you kept your fingers close to your ears, it was a magical two hours, in many ways a better story than the book.

The whole church staff has seen it now, and we're planning an intergenerational service on it for that always awkward Sunday after Christmas. (I so want to throw gold glitter around to demonstrate Dust but the last time I did that the janitor didn't speak to me for weeks, so that's out.) I'm looking forward to the opportunity to talk to kids about this new way to think about God or the Spirit of Life.

Is anyone else planning worship or RE around this movie?


KR said...

I will be curious how you do it, Chris. I am a movie buff and have frequently wanted to bring in a movie as a "text", but few are universal enough experiences to do so. The Harry Potter series was an exception in that over 80% of my congregation at the time had some familiarity with either books or movies or both. (I expect the Lord of the Rings might have worked, too, but it didn't interest me.)


mjae said...

I was pleasantly surprised in talking to several UU mid-high students that they'd both read the books and seen the movie.

They thought the movie didn't do the books justice. One told me to "not bother" with the movie.

I'm 3/4 through Book 1, and I'm completely hooked (the book beckons me from where I sit, supposedly "working").

We can definitely tie this one in for RE.