Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is a little tool for your web browser. Set up a few categories you are interested in (I've got knitting, alternative energy, on-line games, and religion going right now), and whenever you have a few idle minutes, click and get websites in those categories. I've found some wonderful knitting blogs, interesting alternative energy ideas, and browsed a world of religious websites. Every time you get a site, you say if you like it, and Stumble Upon gets better and better at entertaining and enlightening (and addicting) you. (more info and download here)

How do websites get chosen for this kind of dissemination? By vote of users. If you're a stumble upon user, and you click the thumbs up on your toolbar...right now, for instance, this blog would get a vote. If you don't use stumble Upon, I've provided a button at the bottom of this post.

We early adopting UU's can help get the UU word out by voting for UU websites in this way. The more web-users who stumble upon UU websites, the more people discover us.

Evangelism...and you don't even have to explain UU!


Anonymous said...

Mwahahaha! You too are now under the spell of StumbleUpon! Now you shall sway to it's evil music!

... Er, yeah. It's kinda like that. BTW, I've written and posted an article about this very subject on my blog too. Don't worry - no evil music required; I don't embed wave files.

In any case, have a great Christmas. Oh, and you've been Stumbled! ;-)



Kenneth said...

You knit? So do I! We should compare current projects at GA. I'm currently on the edging of a square, knitted-from-the-center lace shawl.

Christine Robinson said...

I'm on the third finger of my first glove. Been knitting a looooooong time...

Berrysmom said...

You're a knitter?? This gets better and better! I"d rather be knitting than almost anything else. What are some of your favorite knitting blogs? I regularly (that is, daily) read The Yarn Harlot, Grumperina Goes to Local Yarn Stores and Home Depot, and Mason Dixon Knitting. Others occasionally, but those are my Holy Trinity.

If you don't know Mason Dixon Knitting, go there immediately to join a silly contest (these women do sophisticated silly better than anyone I know), where you can catch my entry as well.

Christine Robinson said...

I'm mostly using the internet for patterns these days...since I've gotten interested in things like socks and gloves...who needs expensive books? is one of my favorite websites.