Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grocery Matters

I'm ecstatic, 'cause I just discovered that Sunflower Market is moving to my neck of the woods (corner of Montgomery and Juan Tabo)! Yes! Ever since my beloved corner grocery store closed a year ago, I've been a grocery shopper adrift, and what used to be my favorite family chore turned into a ...well...a chore. The chain grocery stores cater more and more to people who don't cook, they just nuke and eat. Aside from the fact that even the produce sections are more and more taken over by expensive, ready-to-eat items, the check-out lanes more and more use those "scan-it-yourself" machines which may work well for people who never buy produce...I wouldn't know...but I do know that they are torture for people who do buy produce. So we who eat fresh food stand in ever longer lines for old fashioned checkers.

Sunflower Markets specialize in produce and meat and sell at wonderful prices. For instance, you can by a big bunch of Collards for .99 a Sunflower, while they're $1.99 at Smiths and at Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck a small bunch is 1.99. (Collards, you ask? Collards are the staple diet of green Iguanas, and a 10 lb Green Iguana eats a lot of collards.) That's just an example. Many produce items cost half what they do in the chain stores.

Sunflower is not perfect. They sell only minimal canned/boxed/household goods. But I'm so glad they are moving to my part of town and even...this is too good to be true...on my bus line!

Thanks, Sunflower, you made my week!

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