Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Misters Paulson and Bernanke,

If you really believe that it is crucial for the congress to quickly approve this bailout, it was your responsibility to propose a reasonably balanced, passable bailout plan. Since the plan that you proposed was so unbalanced and unrestrained that not even Republicans like it, you must not really think this is an earth shaking crisis. So Congress, take your time. No more playing responsible villagers to the foolish shepherd's cry of wolf!

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kim said...

I think we should wait and put the bailout on the ballot. It's less than 40 days away. They can wait that long. And, since the money is ours, we can have our say about what gets done with it.
My impression is that we are in for a Depression whether or not we bail the banks out -- but if we bail them out, the executives of the banks won't join us in the Depression, but we'll still have it. I don't think that's fair.
When they tell us that a business is too big to fail, our response should be to break up the business until it is no longer too big to fail, because a business too big to fail is too big to exist. It's not fair to any of the rest of us to have one group own so much that it would ruin us if they were to do something stupid, as they have just done. This bank failure is the direct result a series of stupid decisions on the part of the very businesses that are failing. They don't deserve to be rewarded for lack of foresight. We should never have let them get big enough to bring the rest of us down when they fail.