Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

Well, it was a riveting 100 minutes, which is more than I can say about most 100 minute TV segments. I thought both candidates did pretty well. I was impressed by the breadth of their knowledge and I got the sense that they both have a dignity and integrity which the current incumbent has always lacked. Whatever happens, it's gonna be better than it was.

There was one thing that really irritated me. Even given the propensity of politicians to compare the best of their actions with the worst of their opponents, I thought that John McCain went overboard in a couple of his accusations of Obama's record, edging from putting one's opponent in a bad light, which is to be expected, to misleading the public, which I suppose is to be expected but I don't like it at all. A person who attempts to mislead the public about the task of ones opponent's committee assignment is a person who will attempt to mislead the public on other occasions when it suites when he wants to go to war but doesn't have the facts on his side.

Clean up your act, Mr. McCain.


Bill Baar said...

Which question are you referring here to exactly? McCain's criticism of Obama not holding hearings on Afghanistan?

That seems fair to me...

McCain laid out his positions on military interventions from Lebanon to date... he's seemed pretty rationale and truthful on it. There is certainly no evidenece McCain lied about any of them.

kim said...

I thought McCain lied flat out about several things.

kim said...

Randi Rhodes says McCain lied about 19 things.