Friday, February 13, 2009

Another conversation about excellence

....went on last year, when a list of core competencies for large church ministry was put together in anticipation of the "Thinking Big" program which is giving a small group of ministers advance training in Large Church ministry. Their work was published in the Alban Institute's "Congregations" last month and can be found here.

This list of competencies was formed with Large Churches in mind, but there's not much in it that doesn't apply to good ministry in every size of church.

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Sian said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for posting this. I'm a little baffled as I'm not sure I see much difference between these competencies for large church ministry and small/medium sized church ministry. Is it just a matter of working within a different system - policy governance, for example, vs. program sized. Or are there truly different competencies?

I'm surprised Alban didn't address that.