Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eulogy for Web Kitchell

On my trip to Santa Fe, I thought about dropping by the Dunkin Donuts, purchasing a couple of dozen heart busters, and seeing if Web's Kitchell's friend Coyote would show up to converse with me. That's how Web did it, and he got three books of sermons out of the conversations he had. He called his books God's Dog, forever changing my view of these smart, adaptable animals. Web died last week after having a fairly miserable time with Parkinson's disease.

Well, no fairly about it.

Coyote would insist on the truth.

So, this is the truth. Damn, but that was a hard end for a good man and a good minister, and I've been missing him and his furry friend for a while now. No amount of donuts will get either of them back, and I'm sad. He was very supportive to the young minister with the unexpectedly hard job to the south of him, and oh, did my congregation love to hear him come and talk about his conversations with Coyote!

Happy Trails to you both!


braidwood said...

Mmm... that made me sad and I didn't even know him. Hmmm... well, I'm glad he got to have conversations with a Coyote.

ms. kitty said...

I just found out about Web's death yesterday, Christine, and feel so sad about what a hard time he has had. I haven't seen him since I left the MDD but always felt his warmth and spirit from afar. I miss him too. And Coyote became a favorite animal for me as I read his conversations with that minor deity.

Ms. Theologian said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear this. I used to attend the UU Church in Santa Fe when he was the minister. I will miss him and his friend, Coyote.