Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Blogger's Hot Stove, week II

This will be most of the news that's fit to print about the matchmaking between UU churches and ministers.   Here is the list of candidates as far as I know them.   I hear that five churches are still actively looking for candidates, and at least two have extended their search to another year.  And it seems likely that lots of announcements were made in church this morning which have not been posted to websites yet.  

Congratulations, all around! 

Leslie Becknell Marx - Ashland, 

Peter Boullata - 1st Parish Lexington 

Eric Kaminetzky - Edmunds, Wa 

Kathy Schmitz - Orlando, Fla 

JD Benson and Mary Ganz - Brewster, MA 

Tom Perchilik - Tacoma, Wa 

Bill Sinkford - Portland, Or

 Lois Van Leer - Woodenville, WA

 Lilia Cuervo - Cambridge (associate)

 Shana Lynngood and Melora Lynngood - Victoria, BC 

Matt Tittle, Paramus, NJ
Meg Riley  Church of the Larger Fellowship
Angela Herrera  First Unitarian, Albuquerque (assistant)  (a special Yeah! from iMinister on this one!)
Carmen Emerson,  Meadville, PA  (another special, yeah! to Abq's current intern)
Andrew Millard, Newport News, VA (ditto for a former intern!)
Robin Tanner, Piedmont (Charlotte, NC)  (ditto for a current ABQ resident!) 
Stephen Sinclair,  Indianapolis
Erin Gingrich, Reston, VA
Scott Alexander, Viro Beach, FL
Debra Faulk, Calgery, AB
Jeffery Jones, Marietta, GA
Victoria Ingram,  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Iowa City...Search extended another year
Charlottesville, VA....Search extended another year

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