Thursday, March 11, 2010

the "Hot Stove"

Because my church has an intern and staff member in search and is itself in search, and because I was listed as a reference for several colleagues in search, I've taken a greater-than-usual interest in the search process this year.  In past years another blogger has taken on listing who is going where but that blog is off the books now.  If no one else is planning to provide this public service to the UU world, I will volunteer for the blogsphere and Facebook.  Monday is the first day churches are making official matches, but yesterday the UUA announced their pick for the next Transitions Director (coordinates UUA services to churches and ministers in search), so that seems to me to be the fitting opening of the endgame of the season.  So, dear readers, please do let me know when you discover who is going where....

Keith Kron    -Transitions Director


Revlahart said...

Thanks for doing this! I'm totally out of the loop, but am always interested in seeing the way things work out.

Dan Harper said...

Hey Christine, thanks for taking this on.

UU Enforcer used to list all the open positions, then fill them in as congregations publicly announced their candidates. I'm just glad you're doing this, and you'll do it whatever way you want, but it was useful to see which congregations were in search -- and it was probably easier for UU Enforcer to manage the process as well.

My $.02 worth. YMMV.