Monday, June 02, 2008

Earth Peeves

They say that use of public transportation is up drastically this quarter, all over the nation, and it seems that that's true of ABQ, too. Good for everybody!

At the same time, it's gotten hot in ABQ, and one thing that means is that some people sit in their cars with the engines running in parking lots, getting 0 mpg, so they can stay air conditioned.

I saw it yesterday at the Sunflower market; a man was sitting in the car next to mine blasting CO2 and pollution all over this beautiful world. I was annoyed. But I was even more annoyed when I returned to my car 20 minutes later and he was STILL THERE!...blasting CO2 and pollution all over this beautiful world. And you know, not 20 steps away, under the store's portico, nicely decorated with basil plants, were cafe tables. (Not to mention the possibility that he could have gone in and helped with the shopping...or...if he was really too frail to do any of those things, he should have stayed home.

Long lines at drive-thru's bug me, too. Park and go in, for pete's sake. Most times it's faster.

We need an attitude adjustment about drive-thrus. They should be for the handicapped and for people who are lugging around two little kids in car seats.

Able bodied adults....park your cars!

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lmasland said...

Thanks for the tip-- I'm actually a little embarrassed that I hadn't thought of this one before. My motivation in the past for getting out of the car was when the line outside looked longer than the one inside, but this motive makes much more sense. I try not frequent establishments with drive-throughs as it is, but when I do, I will keep this in mind!