Saturday, June 28, 2008

UUSC Awards

I have to be honest...the moment I finished the Berry St. Essay, which has been a burden and a privilege and an obsession for 15 months now...that was the high point of my GA experience. My gracious colleagues received it well and my new colleague John Cullinan delivered a response that was substantive and well done. What a relief!

But that was really Minister's Days, not GA, and the highlight of GA was, hands down, the UUSC annual meeting, specifically the awards ceremony. Awards were given to an amazing of those kids who has done more work for justice by the time they go to college than most people do in a lifetime. Last year's youth honoree, who had not been able to be present last year, was also given a round of applause. The adult awardee was a young adult Navy officer who has begun UU worship and other activities at the Great Lakes Naval Base, including values education and decision-making courses for young recruits, some of whom are getting this kind of education for the first time at a very vulnerable times in their lives. With him to celebrate this award were two other leaders, one in uniform, one the parent of a pre-school boy, dressed in his army costume. The moment was a celebration of the terrible and joyful complexity of the reality of war and the hope of peace.

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