Monday, June 09, 2008


Yesterday was my last sermon of the program year, and I celebrated by making an outdoor cage for our household iguana. This is something I've been wanting to do ever since he calmed down enough to be carried around and learned not to bite.

Iguanas are the genius of the lizard tribe; they need interaction, change, and movement to thrive, just like dogs and cats. Also, they need real sun or are at risk for serious illness. Cage lights help, but, well...nothing replaces straight sun. Ninja has been roaming the house (under supervision) for 9 months now, and it was time for an outdoor cage.

Ig's don't do change well, so his first trip to the cage was an anxious one, but today, he seems content to sit on his high shelf and watch the world. An unexpected benefit; his presence has scared the pigeons away, so we'll just call him our scareiguana!


kim said...

many years ago I had a friend with an iguana (named Iggy, of course.). He took Iggy swimming in the swimming pool often. It was always hard to catch him to take him home.

Meredith said...

Um. Wouldn't the term be "scarepigeon"?