Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And on the other hand

It appears that California's Proposition 8 has passed in a vote that was polarized in two ways; coastal counties against by a large margin, inland counties for by and equally lopsided tally.

Proponents of this basic civil right, that gays and lesbians and their relationships deserve equal protection under the law took a hit amidst yesterday's celebrations; perhaps in part because of yesterday's celebrations. Most people can only cope with so much change at one time.

But the train on this track is picking up speed. This too, will change in time, probably in our time. I can envision watching the TV with my grandchildren as the first Gay or Lesbian president
is elected because he or she is simply the better candidate. Can't you?


James said...

Hi Christine,

Yes, I agree with you, right now, at least, in spite of everything to the contrary, I can imagine a gay or lesbian president of our nation.

And there is much work yet to be done...

James said...

and a small post script. as a native Californian, it has long been observed that the real divide in that state is not between northern and southern, but as you described, between coastal and inland.

may that divide heal, as well...

kim said...

What is it that makes rural people "conservative"?

[The word verification word is "booncrud". It sounds like a new swearword.]