Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogging Excellence in Ministry

IMinister has been asked to attend next month's Excellence in Ministry Summit as its official Blogger, allowing all who are interested to follow along in "real time.".
She is, therefore, testing out the technology that will allow her to post during the meeting, which will be held at the University UU Church in Seattle, which does not have WiFi. IMinister's thumbs are no longer limber enough to do much keyboarding on her Blackberry, so she's experimenting with a portable keyboard. IMinister's eyes may no longer be good enough to follow the itty bitty type on her Blackberry screen for long, so it's a good thing that the motel has promised wifi there!
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Mohammed said...

Hey Christine!

Mohammed here from the Panel on Theological Education-

I am very happy you agreed to do this!

Just a reminder that the Excellence in Ministry Summit website is now up. If you want gallons of info (well not gallons but just enough to sparkle interest) head on over to the UUA website:

I will be living vicariously through your coverage that week!


Steve Caldwell said...

Christine -- I'd be surprised that the host church for this event doesn't already have broadband internet already.

Given that wireless routers and/or ethernet cabling are cheap now (less than $50.00), the UUA event organizers and host church should be able to get you on-site broadband internet for you and other participants.

If this doesn't work, it's possible to use your Blackberry smartphone to connect your laptop to the internet:

Good luck.