Friday, December 12, 2008

And the winners are...

Wow, that was fast. These are the clear areas of excitement in the interest/importance voting the group just completed. The winners are:

1. Lay Theological Education (diaconiate internet resources)

2. Fostering emotional maturity and spiritual depth in ministry

3. Right relationship between UUA and Theological Schools.

4. Collaborating for collegiality and continuing education

5. Anti-racism, Anti Oppression, Multiculturalism and Resistance

6. Ministerial Culture, Credentialing Process, and Growth

7. Whose are We? (deep conversation about spiritual experience)

8. What is the nature of the church we are planning for?

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ogre said...

#5 what?

#6 Grab bag...

WFW said...

in that order?

Christine Robinson said...

No, that was the order they were on posters around the room. However, there was, as I remember, a pretty clear demarkation between this group and the ones of lesser interest. And my memory is that all these top dogs had a similar number of dots.