Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Around Inaugration Prayer Blues

I've been reading lots of commentary about Obama's choice of Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration this weekend.

I'm inclined to assume that this master political mind has good reasons for his choice...which might even be that, ministerless as he is right now, he'd be comforted on his big day with a prayer from a man he knows personally.

There are a lot of people who feel something between disappointed and victimized by the choice, though, and I wonder what the church can do for them. The solution we're working on at the moment:

Our local Inaugural prayer service. Being two hours west of Washington, we can schedule a noon service, record Obama's speech to play for whomever comes, bookended by our prayers for liberty and justice for all people. (and for peace, for good health and effective leadership for our new president, and whatever else anyone wants to pray for.) We think we'll then serve a quick lunch for those who need to go back to work.

It would be great fun if a whole network of local prayer services sprung up around the nation.


Kenneth said...

Great idea!

Bill Baar said...

Obama is pure politics and money...don't doubt it a minute.

Doesn't mean he can't turn out to be a good or even great Prez, but don't ever doubt that his every move is politics.

ms. kitty said...

Great idea, Christine. I'm going to see if we can implement it here.

kim said...

I was told, look at it from the other side. How much of a stretch is Rick Warren having to do to do this? And what are its repercussions for his people?