Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is at the Excellence Summit

Bill Sinkford Panel
Barbara Merritt Panel
Marvin Ellison Panel
Gini Courter Panel
Rob Hardies Panel
Virginia Jaroch-Ernst Panel
Doug Gallager Panel
Tamara Payne-Alex Panel
Beth Miller Panel
David Pettee MPL
Wayne Arnason MFC
Emily Gage MFC
Lee Barker Meadville Lombard
Sharon Welch Meadville Lombard
Dudley Rose Harvard Divinity School
Dan McKanan Harvard Divinity School
Nancy Bowen District Staff
James Coomes DRUUMM
Danielle DiBona DRUUMM
Nick Carter Andover Newton
Burton Carley UUA Board
Jackie Shanti UUA Board
Rob Eller-Isaacs UUMA Exec
Hope Johnson UUMA Exec
Sarah Lammert UUMA Exec
Rebecca Parker Starr King
Susan Ritchie Starr King
Anne Bancroft LREDA
Susan Archer LREDA
Ken Wagner District Presidents Assn.
Erik Wikstrom MPL
Kay Montgomery UUA
John Weston MPL
Jory Agate MPL
Marlin Lavanhar Guest
Abhi Janamachi Guest
Victoria Safford Guest
Vail Weller Guest
Dan Aleshire ATS
Barry Andrews LREDA Futures
Keith Arnold UU Musicians Network
Jason Shelton UU Musicians Network
Deb Holder Society for Community Ministries
Paul Johnson Shelter Rock
Ned Wight Shelter Rock
TBD Shelter Rock
Wayne Walder UUMA CENTER
Erik Kesting UUA Young Adults
Mara Dowdall UUA Young Adults
Susan Beaumont Alban Facilitator
Kiera Wesley Youth
Caleb Raible-Clark Youth
Kevin Drewery Starr King Student
Marcia Stanard Meadville Lombard Student
Bill Graves Non-UU Student
Christine Robinson
Susan Gore Observer
Alicia Forde IDBM
Mark Harris St. Lawrence Foundation
Harlan Limpert UUA
Rick Heydinger Congregational Measurement
Wendy von Zirpolo ARE
Jon Luopa Host minister in Seattle


Benjamin said...


Ms. Theologian said...

If you have a moment (and I know you're really busy!), I'd love to know what some of the acronyms are. (I got MFC and UUA, but I have to admit I can't easily place the rest without googling).

Philocrites said...

"Panel" is the UUA Panel on Theological Education, a board-appointed group that makes recommendations about spending the UUA's theological education grants.

"MPL" is the UUA's Ministry and Professional Leadership staff group, which serves ordained clergy and certified religious educators, and which aims to serve church musicians.

"DRUUMM" is Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries, an organization of UU people of color.

"UUMA Exec" is the Executive Committee of the UU Ministers Association, the professional organization of UU clergy. "UUMA CENTER" is the Continuing Education Network for Training, Enrichment, and Renewal, which sponsors the Ministry Days professional conference just prior to General Assembly each summer.

"LREDA" is the Liberal Religious Educators Association, the professional organization for UU religious education directors. (I don't know what "LREDA Futures" is.)

"ATS" is the Association of Theological Schools, which accredits graduate programs in ministerial studies.

"UU Musicians Network" is a professional organization.

"Society for Community Ministries" is an organization of UU non-parish clergy.

"Shelter Rock" is the Long Island church-based fund that provides major grants to UU organizations (formally the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock).

"IDBM" is the UUA's Identity-Based Ministries staff group, which serves individuals from historically oppressed or marginalized groups.

"St Lawrence Foundation" is the St Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education, the funding panel that was created when the Universalist seminary at St Lawrence University was closed in the late 1960s.

"ARE" is Allies for Racial Equity, a UU antiracism organization for "white allies."

I don't know what Congregational Measurement is.

Christine Robinson said...

Thinks, Philo. I know you are busy, too!

Mr. Congregational Measurement didn't come. I was wondering about him, too! LREDA Futures is their long range visioning arm.

Robin Edgar said...

For some reason Philocrites, aka UU World magazine editor Chris Walton, neglected to point out that "MFC" is the UUA's very aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee.

Ms. Theologian said...

Thanks, Philocrites! And Christine, I'm really enjoying reading your notes.

Philocrites said...

Robin, I probably should have spelled it out, but Ms Theologian said she recognized MFC, so I skipped it.