Tuesday, December 30, 2008

iMinister Reviews

Certainly the blogging highlight of my year was blogging the Excellence in Ministry conference. Sometime this blogging business seems like an exercise in journaling; quite solitary. I go weeks on this blog with no comments and only by studying my hit counter do I realize that anybody reads this blog at all. So it was a pleasure to be asked to blog the conference, and it was an even greater pleasure to be there. And, what fun...that hit counter went wild, with 4-5 times more hits than average for that week and my highest ever daily count, 350 readers on December 12. (average daily count is about 35...I love you all!)

The most popular single post by far, far, far and away, however, was the first post of the year, "How To Find Your Daemon", a meditation for the intergenerational worship service the week before, which focused on the movie, "The Golden Compass", and which, according to my afore-mentioned hit counter (which also tells me what google searches brought people to my blog) brought people to my blog week after week, all year long. Most of those folks were probably not UU's...hope they got an eye-full of liberal religion!.

February brought a post on gun violence, tragically refered-to in August after one of our churches saw yet another incident, which I discussed here.

There were a number of posts on what turned out to be the biggest tempest in a teapot of the year, checking of ID at GA.

And my single favorite story of the year, Our Pentacost Visitor.

But the biggest story of this year for our our world was the election, summed up, finally, in the post called, "Tears" If 2009 brings us even a fraction of the hopes of that night, it will be a wondrous year, indeed.

And may your year, dear readers, be also blessed and your lives and work be a blessing to you and those around you!


Sean said...

Hey Christine,
You probably have more readers than you know. Those of us who use a feed reader aren't counted...
So while I read you whenever you post, you'd never know it!

vintagecarole said...
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Christine Robinson said...

Hey, Sean, I guess you are right. But I think only the savvy sorts use readers! Christine