Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who's At the Summit?

(The Sanctuary at University Unitarian, Seattle)

They say that the first question anybody asks at a new conference is, "Who is here?" Which is why it is wise for conference planners to give people time, not only to greet old friends, but to get more comfortable with folks they don't know. This is going to be a well-planned conference. 55 jet-lagged participants gathered at University Unitarian Church for worship and a massive "get to know you". (10 got caught in a storm and we hope to see them in the morning.)

Who is here?

parish, re, community, and music ministers, other church staff, UUA staff (lots of those), seminary students and staff from at least 5 schools, two of which are UU. At least three non-UU persons, one of whom warned the others that it is possible to serve on a UUA committee in spite of not being a UU. (I wonder if anything could motivate me to serve on a Methodist committee?)

There were also youth, persons from the Panel on Theological Education, lay leaders, persons speaking for cultural and racial diversity, folks who have served or are serving on the MFC, and folks from the UUA Board. Many people, perhaps most, have multiple roles or areas of interest. Looks to be an exciting group.

I know lots of people here, at least by reputation, and had the delight of being in a small group with three I didn't know; UU's of multi-generational heritage, one of whom was a teen for whom this very densely scheduled conference constitutes a restful interlude from his usual life of full time school, nearly full time work, two bands and church activities.

The question we are to focus on for the next two days is:
What is the future of ministerial and lay leadership formation in the UU movement?

Looks like it will be an open space discussion technology. First thing tomorrow the group will generate the discussion topics related to this large question. Should be a very interesting day!


Benjamin said...


If this conference really is such a big deal in terms of shaping the future of UU ministerial formation, I'd like to know exactly who's there.


Christine Robinson said...

Thank you for pushing me to figure out how to do this!
Surprisingly complicated...

Christine Robinson said...

Hummm...that didn't work. If you know how to convert a pdf file into a real word file, please let me know. Otherwise, I've emailed someone at the UUA so see if I can get it that way. My dyslexic brain can't type 65 names and titles without embarrassing myself and annoying many excellence there!

Anonymous said...


You should just be able to create a link to a pdf document. I do it all of the time.

I'm looking forward to your reports.

Robin Edgar said...

Yes, please do create a link to the PDF document if it is available online. My Googling around only found this older PDF document.