Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Buzz about Ministry

Two interesting additions to the conversation in the blogsphere about ministry, ministry preparation, certification and other areas of interest.

Politywonk has an important post about updating the overall ministerial ideal which comes to us from the Renaissance/Enlightenment.

And, there's a whole new blog devoted to the question of things to think about as we consider our ministerial certification processes. Calling Ministers is authored by a new minister who came to us with experience in Human Resources.

As I read his early entries, I reflected that this is a very difficult area to talk about. It's hard for the folks with left-over anger and pain to talk about without seeming bitter, it's really hard for the folks who failed to talk about, (and they usually leave us completely anyway) and it's hard for the folks who sailed through to talk about without seeming to brag. I think it's no accident that only a few people came to the conversation on certification at the EIM conference, and most of them came to listen rather than to talk, and yet the topic got a large number of votes in the non-conversational voting process. I'm glad we're talking.

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