Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open space and goals at the Summit

Open Space is a group facilitation method which allows agendas to bubble up from the group itself. It's a way to let everyone be heard. It assumes that the people who come, come with passion for some parts of the theme and it assumes that people will take responsibility for leading and following up on the conversations they suggest.

Open Space works best with topics which are complex, where there is diversity, passion, and potential for conflict.

This is just the sort of topic we're all here to discuss.

Susan, our facilitate laid out her goals for our two days.

1. Every issue of relevance to this theme which people want to raise will get raised.
2. All those topics get as thoroughly discussed as discussants want to discuss them.
3. A full report of all discussions will be created for each participant. (and presumably disseminated beyond. I will check on this point.) All conversations are open to anyone who wants to join them. There are to be no confidential conversations.
4. A fourth objective of this conference is to create new networks across what have been old lines.
5. There will be a final discussion of priorities and first steps to implementation.
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