Saturday, April 02, 2011

Supporting Visitors with Google Maps

Traveling on Sabbatical, I've been visiting UU Churches, and the way I find them is with Google Maps, which gives me addresses, map placement, street-side pictures, websites, and directions using car or transit.  (the transit directions are particularly valuable; Google knows when the trains run and tells me how long it will take to walk from the train station to the church.)   

Did you know that you can personalize and add information to your church's Google Map listing?  The person in charge of every congregation's web presence (you do have someone in charge of your web presence, don't you?) should check on the accuracy of Google's guesses about you, upload a logo, and make it look like you've paid attention.

And then some folks who cares about that church, members and visitors alike, should write a review of the church on Google Maps.   Nothing like 10 reviews to make a hesitant visitor think that this is a going concern!  

It's the best sort of publicity, and it's all free!

Abq's who follow this blog:  we've only got one review at the moment....

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the there are three reviews!